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What is transition training?

Cirrus Transition Training teaches existing pilots the needed skills and knowledge to confidently and proficiently fly a Cirrus aircraft. Our training is all offered in-house in our 2019 SR20-G6 with our Cirrus Standardized Instructor (CSIP). 

Training follows Cirrus standards covering topics such as fundamentals of stick-and-rudder skills, normal and abnormal operating procedures, system familiarization, engine management, avionics management, and vital CAPS Recovery System training. 

SR20 Transition Training

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Pilot Requirments


    Looking to earn your High Performance Endorsement? The SR20-G6 packs 215HP with a cruise speed of 155kts. Our  Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) can help you to achieve your endorsement in a warm and welcoming learning environment. 

    If you’re looking for a powerful aircraft that you can feel comfortable cruising in for hours then look no further. This aircraft is ideal for long cross country flights with a fuel flow of 11 gal/hr. The modernized air conditioning controls provides pilots and passengers a comfortable climate controlled flight even under the blistering hot Florida sun. 

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What is a csip?

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DJ is Jax Beach Aviation's CSIP on staff.