Our Team

Brittany Richardson

CFII - Flight School Mom

Affectionately known as the flight school mom, but like the cool mom that all your friends want to hang out your house, mom. Britt keeps us all in check, reducing awkwardness and calling us out on the daily! We remind ourselves to respect her adoration for snacks and quiet Tuesdays.

She also happens to be an incredible pilot and instructor who has immersed herself in aviation. She cares deeply about student success an has been known to provide mild coddling when needed. Our students are fortunate to learn from her diverse piloting background.

Brittany comes from a world of competitive horseback riding. She has a degree in marine biology and excellent hair.

Dustin "DJ" Johns

CFII - CSIP - Chief Steez Officer

DJ is an excellent pilot and an engaging Instructor. He truly cares about maximizing student progress and efficiency and has no problem having fun in the process. 

Nobody knows where DJ came from or how he got here. He’s a mysterious angel pilot. We do know that he likes Sunday Football and sleeping in late on Mondays.

Should all the airlines go out of business one day, DJ plans to pursue his second calling in 1970’s, local, mid-size market, TV anchor work.

Seth Pierce

CFII - Co-Founder - Chief Papa

Seth uses his varied experience from flying light twins to Caribbean islands, piloting jets for a charter company, and instructing in dozens of aircraft types to guide our CFIs and Curriculum. Although Seth is not teaching fulltime at JBA he is often interrupting lessons with sometimes helpful but always distracting stories. 

Before flying, Seth built a successful career in Biotech/aquaculture sales dabbling in real estate along the way. Seth comes from a family with a deep history of competitive sailboat racing. He studied Biology in college and maintains that he is a lifelong science nerd. 

Dustin Kaloostian

Pilot - Co-Founder

Dustin is a self-made, ‘still striving for success’ story. Legend has it that the first big word he ever learned to spell was ‘entrepreneur.’ 

He started his first business at the at the tender age of 7 and, over several years, evolved into a vertically integrated multi-model candy sales company with operators across the middle school bus routes. After several other ventures, amassing name badges from too many W2 opportunities, and miraculously avoiding trouble and emergency rooms, he slipped through the Admission office gates at the University of Florida and emerged several years later with mild body trauma and a Finance degree.

Through all of this, he learned that hard work, understanding people, never making excuses, and fostering an     ever-evolving pragmatic view of challenges…that getting lucky gets easier.

Dustin’s interests include Buggys, real estate, medicine, and the sharing economy. By day, he works full-time in the medical device world for Medtronic’s Enabling Technologies division. By evening and weekends, you’ll typically find him flying, or, when weather or fortitude doesn’t permit, endlessly scouring YouTube for accident analysis videos.

Dustin’s business acumen, combined with his never-ending quest to learn and dream big is a driving force behind JBA Imagineering.

wizard be wizard

Brendan Johnson

Student Success Wizard
Financial Sorcerer

Brendan, known affectionately as the Wizard, aka the Wiz, Spell Caster, Magic Man, and Oracle, is a cornerstone of Jax Beach Aviation’s unique flight school experience.

The wizard’s role is akin to that beloved guidance counselor you would visit in middle school, whether you felt a bit adrift, simply wished to discuss your ambitions and dreams…..or, maybe, just peed your pants and needed refuge.

Occupying the enchanting downstairs space below Jax Beach Aviation, his office is a realm of wonder, where the mundane world meets the mystical. Shelves lined with ancestral aviation scrolls, faded sectionals, suspect orbs, and an array of ancient flight computers, that only he seems to be able to comprehend.

His contribution extends far beyond being a mere observer of student progress. He is a guiding light and a pillar of support for all who embark on their aviation journey. When students face uncertainty or seek advice, he excels not just in guiding them through the technical aspects of flight training but also in helping them navigate the often complex world of financing and career planning. He’ll be there when you need him most; just head downstairs.

Alex Garcia

Pilot - Social Sorceress
Creative Dept

Here Ye! Here Ye! Introducing the mighty , Alex Garcia, first of her name, admiral of the front desk, sorceress of social media, overlord of organization, and friend to all. 

Alex has guided lost travelers!
(Explained where the restrooms are to visitors)

Alex has mystified the minds of the youth! (Directs content for our social media)

Alex has tamed the Great Grey Dragon of The East!
(Got her Private Pilot License in 76Q)

“Alex Garcia is the best of us, and that is why we must follow her with steadfast loyalty..”
–  Abraham Lincoln 
(we think he said that…not confirmed)

Preston Burgard

CFII - Prince of Peach Vibe

Preston is a prestigious CFII with hundreds of hours of experience under his belt and the fresh northern air of Pittsburgh, PA in his blood. Preston carries with him always a pair of shades, a baseball cap (when he doesn’t lose it), and an eagerness to tear up the skies. 

Cristofer Goodin IA

IA A&P JBA Mx Chief
Aircraft Pediatrician

A Knight in Shining Armor, Cris keeps our aircraft maintained and ready for their next adventure! More to come soon about Cris!

Melissa Calvin

CFII - MEI - The Twin Tsar

Tom Cruise wishes he was Melissa Calvin. An experienced multi-engine instructor and motorcyclist. When Melissa isn’t powering through the clouds she is chasing sunsets on her cruiser.

Preston Burgard

CFII - Prince of Peach Vibe

Preston is a prestigious CFII with hundreds of hours of experience under his belt and the fresh northern air of Pittsburgh, PA in his blood. Preston carries with him always a pair of shades, a baseball cap (when he doesn’t lose it), and an eagerness to tear up the skies. 


We are always interested in meeting our next team member!  Send Resumes to fly@jaxbeachaviaiton.com