Individual Flight Courses

All Courses Offered Individually

All of our courses from the Professional Pilot Program (and more) are all offered as individual courses with our Part 61 flight school. Perfect for those who are interested in getting a single rating, or adding ratings to their current certificates. Maybe you’re just interested in flying yourself and the family, but don’t want to go all the way to Commercial? Perhaps you’re looking to get that Instrument Rating you’ve always wanted? Maybe you want a fresh start at a new flight school and already have some hours under your belt? Whatever the case might be the flexibility of our individually offered courses can help get your ratings seamlessly.

Admission requirements include 18 years of age. FAA medical certificate, US citizenship and satisfy all requirements of the enrollment agreement.

Learn to Fly (Individual Programs)

Private Pilot CertificateEstimated Costs
Course MinimumsExtended Course
The private pilot certificate allows one to act as “pilot in command” of a single engine aircraft weighing under 12,500 lbs. You can fly your own aircraft or rent an aircraft and travel to any airport or airfield in the US. You may fly solo and carry passengers.

Dual Flight Instruction       30-hrs      $6,750

Solo Flight                         10-hrs      $1,600

Ground Lessons                20-hrs      $1,300

Online Ground School                       $300

Misc. Books & Materials                    $200


Dual Flight Instruction    45hrs.    $10,125

Solo Flight                       15hrs     $2,400

Ground Instruction          30hrs    $1,950

Online Ground School.                $300

Misc. Books & Supplies                $200


Instrument RatingCourse MinimumsExtended Course
With an instrument rating, you will take advantage of modern avionics and increase your skills communicating air traffic control system. This rating allows you to fly in the clouds taking advantage of sophisticated instrumentation and expanding your options for personal flying.

Dual Flight Instruction       30-hrs     $6,750

Dual Simulated  Flight      10-hrs      $950

Ground Lessons               20-hrs     $1,300

Online Ground School.                      $300

Misc. Books & Materials                    $200


Dual Flight Instruction       40-hrs    $9,000

Dual Simulated  Flight      15-hrs     $1,425

Ground Lessons               30-hrs     $1,950

Online Ground School.                      $300

Misc. Books & Materials                    $200


Commercial Pilot CertificateCourse MinimumsExtended Course
The commercial certificate teaches advanced airmanship and strengthens aeronautical decision making. Commercial certificate holders may work doing scenic air tours, aerial surveys, towing banners, and gliders, as well as flying corporate aircraft, etc.

Dual Flight Instruction        20-hrs      $4,500

Ground Lessons                20-hrs      $1,300

Online Ground School.                      $300

Misc. Books & Materials                    $200


Dual Flight Instruction     30-hrs      $6,750

Ground Lessons             30-hrs      $1,950

Online Ground School.                      $300

Misc. Books & Materials                    $200


High Performance Endorsement

In just a few short flights you can earn your High Performance Endorsement in our beautiful Cirrus SR20-G6. At 215 Horsepower this is an awesomely powerful and capable single engine aircraft that you will have a blast flying. Find yourself falling in love with our Cirrus? We understand completely. Go check out our Cirrus Flight Training!

1-2 Week Completion Time
Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)

Our learning  focused TAA time course will gain you competence in operating systems of a Technically Advanced Aircraft. Learn how to properly use and manage an autopilot on cross country flights, experience a beautiful glass flight deck, and further prepare yourself for a commercial career. 

2-4 Week Completion Time
Multi-Engine Rating

Coming Soon!

Additional Instructor Programs

Flight Instructor $5575
Dual Flight C17215-hrs
Group Instruction30-hrs
Individual Instruction10-hrs
Instrument Instructor $5050
Dual Flight C17215-hrs
Group Instruction15-hrs
Individual Instruction     10-hrs
Airplane usage for FAA practical examination Included!

*Safe, efficient, and high-quality instruction is our absolute priority! While acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill to pass the FAA practical exam is exciting and fun, it is also challenging. Some students will complete the program at close to course minimums and some will need additional time. Most students who make a commitment to study often at home & fly at least twice per week are likely to finish between course minimum and extended course hours.

** Instrument rating prerequisites: 50-hrs XC PIC and minimum of 40-hrs of actual or simulated instrument time.

*** Commercial certificate requires 250-hrs total time with specific flight experience minimums.