Flight Tours

Scenic Tour of JAX

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: ~$250 per outing

See the Bold City like you’ve never seen it before. This tour will capture all of the sights of Jacksonville. By the end of the flight passengers will have seen skyscrapers, the Jaguars stadium, Dames Point Bridge, the busy port of Jacksonville, marshland islands, beaches and more! A fun and interactive activity for all age groups.

Date Night Flight

Duration: 40 minutes
Price: $300 per couple

“Alexa, play ‘Come Fly with Me’ by Frank Sinatra.” Treat your special someone to an evening they won’t forget. While the sun begins to set, you’ll be sipping champagne and taking in romantic views of the beach and city. Package includes a complimentary bottle of champagne to pop in the sky.  

Discovery Flight

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Price: $215 per outing

Ever wondered what it would feel like to fly an airplane? Come take a discovery flight with one of our flight instructors and find out! You will have control of the airplane for most of the flight! This experience is intended for one person who is potentially interested in learning to fly. However, anyone who thinks they will enjoy flying an airplane is welcome. For a small fee, you can have a friend or family member ride along.