For the Aspiring Commercial Pilot

Professional Pilot Program

The professional pilot program delivers highly efficient & affordable training, designed specifically to prepare graduates for a rewarding career as a professional pilot. Our program is a structured, yet flexible part 61 program which allows students to progress comfortably without the constraints and strict deadlines of a part 141 program. 

Those who complete the program will log 250 hours of flight time, earn a private pilot certificate, instrument rating, and a commercial pilot certificate. Immediately upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to work in jobs such as tour pilot, aerial survey pilot, parachute jump pilot, banner tow pilot, corporate pilot, etc.

After the commercial certificate, you may add more advanced training to become a certificated flight instructor. This is an excellent way to build paid experience and increase competence.

Admission requirements include 18 years of age. FAA medical certificate, and US citizenship or TSA Background check. 

Private Certificate

The private pilot certificate allows one to act as “pilot in command” of a single engine aircraft weighing under 12,500 lbs. You can fly your own aircraft or rent an aircraft and travel to any airport or airfield in the US. You may fly solo and carry passengers.

3-month Completion Time
Instrument Rating
With an instrument rating, you will take advantage of modern avionics and increase your skills communicating air traffic control system. This rating allows you to fly in the clouds taking advantage of sophisticated instrumentation and expanding your options for personal flying.
2 to 3-month Completion Time
Commercial Certificate

The commercial certificate teaches advanced airmanship and strengthens aeronautical decision making. Commercial certificate holders may work doing scenic air tours, aerial surveys, towing banners, and gliders, as well as flying corporate aircraft, etc.

2 to 3-month Completion Time

Professional Pilot Program: $59,025

Private Certificate
Dual Flight C172 50-hrs
Solo Flight C172 20-hrs
Ground Instruction/Briefing* 35-hrs
Instrument Rating
Dual Flight C17250-hrs
Solo Flight C17220-hrs
Ground Instruction/Briefing*40-hrs
Commercial Certificate
Dual Flight TAA10-hrs
Dual Flight C17225-hrs
Solo Flight75-hrs
Ground Instruction/Briefing*28-hrs
  • Checkride Costs, Ground School, Written Tests not included 
  • Times and costs are estimated. More time may be needed, many opportunities to save costs exist.
  • Up to hours Guided Ground Instruction

*Ground instruction is provided in both individual & group formats

Additional Professional Programs

Flight Instructor $5575*
Dual Flight C17215-hrs
Group Instruction30-hrs
Individual Instruction10-hrs
Instrument Instructor $5050*
Dual Flight C17215-hrs
Group Instruction15-hrs
Individual Instruction     10-hrs
Multi-Engine Rating

Coming Soon!

*CFI and CFII Course costs can be reduced by proper planning during the Commercial Pilot Course.

**Safe, efficient, and high-quality instruction is our absolute priority! While acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill to pass the FAA practical exam is exciting and fun, it is also challenging. Some students will complete the program at close to course minimums and some will need additional time. Most students who make a commitment to study often at home & fly at least twice per week are likely to finish between course minimum and extended course hours.

** Instrument rating prerequisites: 50-hrs XC PIC and minimum of 40-hrs of actual or simulated instrument time.

*** Commercial certificate requires 250-hrs total time with specific flight experience minimums. This time is not included in the training and is