CFI Ground Course

CFI Ground Course Starting May 8th!

Scheduled to commence on May 8th, our CFI course will concentrate on elevating your ground knowledge to instructor level. Led by Zach McGowan, a pilot mill graduate and jet pilot, the course entails approximately 64 hours of ground instruction, combining classroom and group study sessions. 

The ground portion will be priced at $1,800. Flights and endorsement reviews will be charged separately for those interested in completing their CFI rating at JBA.

To enroll in the course, kindly transfer your balance of $1,800 (or a minimum deposit of $1,000) to your Flight Circle account and inform us at

Study, CFI Course

**Safe, efficient, and high-quality instruction is our absolute priority! While acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill to pass the FAA practical exam is exciting and fun, it is also challenging. Some students will complete the program at close to course minimums and some will need additional time. Most students who make a commitment to study often at home & fly at least twice per week are likely to finish between course minimum and extended course hours.